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6 Facts About Online Betting Website Singapore

.June 20, 2021        Aditi Arya

Many people are after online betting Singapore or gambling as a serious pastime activity whereas for others it is a hobby as well. Regardless of the category you belong to, you must select between hundreds of online casinos in Singapore available. Like players, casinos are also different.

Let’s check out more about online betting websites in Singapore. 

Definitions Online Betting website Singapore


Online gaming and gambling are the same in Singapore. Both terms refer to participating for monetary gain in a game of chance, or of mixed skill. 


In case the game plays out as predicted, betting is risking on events with the hope of a payout. The sport could be such as football or horse racing.

Participating in a lottery

A lottery is any scheme where the money is allotted in a way that is determined by chance’, according to the Private Lotteries Act.  It’s a game of chance where funds are pooled from many participants.

How To Choose The Right Online Casino Site In Singapore.

Some of the crucial aspects to consider while selecting a Singapore online casino are:

  • The interface should not be weak, and some casinos only offer games where wagers are involved. You can find exceptional quality in terms of sound, graphics, and playability. It’s suggested that you must look for all these things while selecting an online betting website in Singapore. 
  • Since online gambling and live betting Singapore involves cash transactions, banking features must be given top priority. Thus, select the best & simple depositing processes and flexible payment options offered by an online betting website Singapore.
  • When you read reviews written by some existing players, you get the best information about a casino. So, read the reviews before clicking any online betting website Singapore.
  • Signup bonuses are like candy that attracts players into a casino. You must look for the best casino welcome bonus before joining a site. There are various types of offers available on various online betting websites in Singapore. 

Facts About Online Betting Website Singapore 

Placing bets have been part of Singaporean’s lives whether we notice it or not. Online betting website Singapore used to be available but was banned in the last couple of years due to the Remote Gambling Act. This meant that gambling through remote communication such as online betting websites Singapore or mobile apps were illegal.

Online live betting Singapore is always a grey area of legislation, and several hundred gaming sites were blocked, and lawbreakers could be fined up to $5,000 and or put into jail for six months.

The 6 facts about legal online betting Singapore are:

It’s now again legal: Two operators Turf Club and Singapore Pools met the suitable requirements as per the Remote Gambling Act and had launched online services in late 2015.

Singapore Turf Club: Singapore Turf Club got the exemption certificate approved after meeting a list of criteria such as operating on a not-for-profit basis, having their surpluses for charitable causes, and keeping services free from criminal activities. The Singapore online casino games offered by Turf Club are horse race betting online and other existing online casino Singapore games.

Singapore Pools: Singapore Pools also got their exemption certificates approved. They offer lotteries for 4D and Toto. Both Turf club and Singapore would not be able to offer new products without approval. Operators would also be required to implement social safeguards such as legal age for registration of accounts and no gambling on credit.

Other requirements: Another relief for families is both operators would be required to set daily funding and gaming limits and there would be regular audits and inspections. The government has also imposed a penalty of up to S$1 million for each offence along with suspension and revocation of its certificate.  

Exemption for other operators: Ministry of home affairs stated that they have not received any exemption applications apart from the two operators due to stringent criteria.

Reason for these exemptions: The reason for this exemption according to the government was since a complete ban drove more remote gambling underground.

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FAQs | Singapore Online Casino 

Question: Is online betting legal in Singapore?

In 2014, the Remote Gambling Act was passed in Singapore, which made all online gambling illegal. In 2016 Singapore pools and Singapore Turf Club were granted an exemption to allow it to offer some online sports betting and lottery services.

Question: Do online betting websites Singapore cheat?

Reputable, long-standing online betting websites Singapore don’t cheat, they are not rigged, and they are fair.

Question: Is online gambling a good idea?

Many people believe that gambling and playing games in an online casino Singapore is not safe and can lead to gambling or addiction problems. For most people, it does not make you a gambling addict.

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