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How To Play Craps For Beginners

.December 7, 2020        Bishan Bhandari

Craps, a type of most common and action-packed casino game played with dice across the world. This gambling game is very popular in all American casinos and some British, Australian, and Asian casinos and gambling houses. To play this gambling game, a special table with a layout is used and then the bets have been made by the gamblers against the house. A bet is set to be done when a player signifies his bet by placing chips or cash on the particular table and layout.

If this craps casino game is so much fun, then why don't gamblers play this game? The reason behind this is that very few people across the globe know how to play craps because they think that craps are the most confusing and tricky casinos in the gambling world. But if you know the techniques and basics of craps then you will always opt to play this game.

What Are The Basic Craps Rules?

If you are new to a craps gambling game, then this game will be seen as a little complicated and hectic. There are many complications of playing it either online or land-based casinos. You can play craps easily by learning some bets but if you want to become a pro at craps games then you should know some basic craps rules.

By going through the craps rules and betting system you can easily learn how to play craps. The player who rolls the dice first is regarded as" the shooter " in online craps games and if playing on land-based casinos then every player can become "the shooter". Some rules of how to play craps areas:

  1. The shooter has to bet at least the table minimum either on pass line bet or don't pass line bets at the beginning.
  2. The shooter needs to handle the dice with only one hand when throwing and the dice has to hit the walls on the other side of the craps table.
  3. The tables of craps should be big enough to accommodate 20 players at a time or in one round. The craps crew has a boxman, stickman, and two dealers.
  4. During the dice rolls, the dealer's cab collects the losing bets and makes the payouts to the winning bets.
  5. Each round must have two phases come out and round. To start the game, shooters can make one or more rolls of cards. If the shooter rolls to the point number it means to win and if the shooter rolls at 7, it means loose.

What are the types of bets of playing craps?

There is no difficulty in learning how to play craps. The goal of craps is to try to predict the numbers correctly which will come up in the next round. By learning some strategies and craps rules, you can truly become the king of craps and be able to win the craps tables easily. Some renowned bets of craps game are given as:

  1. Betting the right way
  2. The pass line bets
  3. Don't pass and don't come bets
  4. Taking & laying odds
  5. Field bets

How Do You Play Craps Tables?

A crap table might look like just a roll of dice, but learning how to play craps at the craps table might seem a little tough for beginners. But understanding the basics of the craps table and some basic techniques will lead you towards winning the gambling game. Let's understand the craps tables to make you an effective player in it.

  1. The first thing of learning craps tables is that this game is all about betting on the outcome of the rolls of two dice.
  2. The other thing of notice is the staff around the table who are boxman, (the cash handler and craps supervisor), the stickman, (the dice pusher and result caller).
  3. There should be at least 8 players in the craps tables in one round. Each player will be awarded the position of the shooter (the first person who rolls the dice) in every round played.
  4. The layout table is divided into three sections to roll the dice. Every side area of the table is just the reflection of the other side area and have the pass and don't pass line bets, come and don't come bets, place and field bets in which the central area is the proposition bets.

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Question: Why is it called craps?

Craps casino game has become the most populated game of gambling. You will also find this game online and in land-based casinos. It is called craps because it was launched by British and French immigrants in the USA. Cramps is a french word for toad. Before it makes its way towards the USA, it is known as Hazard.

Question: What is the objective of the game of craps?

Craps casino game is a game of chance that requires no skills but strategy to learn how to play craps. The objective is to predict the numbers correctly at every outcome of the rolls of the two dices. Bettors can bet on the type of combination of dice numbers before it is rolled.

Question: Can you consistently win at craps?

To win the craps gambling game, you need to bet on the right combination of dice rolls with considering pass line or don't pass line bets. At the end of the game, there is nothing like consistently winning every round of craps gambling games.

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