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Singapore Esports Betting Tips for Beginners

.January 1, 2021        Mohit

With the advancement in technology, the emergence of Esports betting in Singapore has led to a renaissance for conventional sports betting. Due to changes in trends, Singapore esports players are growing globally, resulting in an expansion of the esports betting market.

What is Esports? 

Esports betting is a type of gambling invented with the advancement in technology and the internet. It involves placing a wager on online games like Call of duty, Counter-strike, and many more.

Esports Betting Games That Are In Trend Now

At present, many of the top esports betting Singapore highest-peaking options are available. These Esports betting Singapore games are a great way to earn for gamers who are competent in various games.

With the increase in Esports betting, the Esports betting Singapore sites are gaining momentum day by day. There are many sites which are on the top rank. Explore and win by following some tips.

The most common types of Esports Bet for beginners

  • Tournament Winner: You have to predict the outright winner of tournaments like The International, DreamHack, or the Intel Extreme Masters as your bet. 
  • Match Winner: Match Winner bets are a better way to start your esports betting. You should analyze the odds that can give you the most profitable result before betting.

How to do Esports Betting Singapore?

Before digging into “How to do betting,” let us understand the three common factors which every player needs to know:

  • Format: The odds format is used by the Internet bookmaker/sportsbook you have chosen to calculate your pay-out.
  • Odds: The actual amount to be paid by bookmaker/sportsbook on winning wager
  • Bankroll: The actual money you want to bet with.

If you understand the betting terminology, it will be easier to understand it wholly. The basic form of esports betting in Singapore is matched win. All you need to do is to decide on the odds and then place a wager on the gaming team which you think will win. If your bet is out in front, you will win a profit according to the size of the odds. If you lose, the money you wagered will also lose.

There are a few Esports Betting Tips & Prediction that a beginner needs to keep in mind before they place their first wager.  

  1. Initiate with a strict Budget: As a beginner, whether you are betting for fun or profit, a strict budget is a foremost thing. There are risks involved in betting, and losing money is a common problem. Initiate with setting up a weekly or monthly budget to check how much loss you can afford.
  1. Use licensed and regulated betting Esports sites: You do not want to get scammed and have a terrible experience in your initial phase of Esports betting. There are plenty of reputable online esports betting websites to have a safe and enjoyable experience. These websites can change your overall betting experience.
  1. Get the hang of the game: Before placing your first esports betting Singapore, you must understand the sports game you are betting on. It can be a tedious job to fully understand every Esports game. You can make a better betting decision if you are fully aware of the betting opportunities that the game is offering.
  1. Figure out the Player and Team: Get to know about the teams and players you are going to bet on as it will directly affect your esports betting Singapore outcomes. Do some research on social media before betting to analyze the best players and teams. The more you know, the better your chances to win the bet.
  1. Scrape together as much data as you can: Gather all the knowledge regarding rules, guidelines of game, and players participating and consider expert views before placing a bet. You can easily analyze the higher winning odds.

These are few esports betting tips for a beginner that should be kept in mind before placing your first wager.  

Final Words

Esports Betting in Singapore is a perfect opportunity that combines two favourite activities, sports and making money. Technology is making it easy to do Esports betting Singapore through online bookmakers. Follow these esports betting tips and improve your chances of winning money.

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Question- Is betting on Esports legal?

Answer - The legality of eSports betting varies from place to place. In some areas, it is illegal, and in some places, it is legal and played widely.

Question- Is Esports betting safe?

Answer – Yes, Esports betting is completely safe if you do it from licensed and regulated esports betting sites.

Question- How do I bet on esports?

Answer – Betting on eSports is as easy as betting on traditional sporting events. You have to place a wager on which team you think will win the match, and after deciding on the odds, submit your bet.

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